Thoughts on ATFR

Hey, y’all. How are y’all? Isn’t the weather nice? Doesn’t it make you want to ride your bike and sing Sound of Music songs?

I didn’t do that. Instead, I FINALLY caught up with The Bachelorette.

Normally, I watch it during its normal viewing hours, but Monday night things came up and what do ya know, Twitter and my cellular device blew up because I wasn’t there to share my thoughts.

But, HEY. Thanks to YouTube, I’m now seeing everything.

Ok, so I’ve made it clear that I don’t like Josh and I think them living in the same city had a lot to do with Andi picking him. But ya know, love who you love and who am I to judge except just a devote follower of this show???


I liked Nick. I didn’t like like Nick, but he was feminine and cute enough for me to take notice.



I did however like how Nick handled the whole being-broken-up-with situation. He didn’t cry. He walked Andi out the door. He gave her a one-arm hug. He didn’t fight with her. He just let her go. This is obviously not his first break-up rodeo and has learned not to make a scene and I appreciate that.


It gave us Juan Pablo still not being in love with a child nurse.

It gave us Emily Maynard always looking good.

This time it gave us a real bombshell, though. BOMBSHELL.

After years and years of wondering what happened in the fantasy suite, we FINALLY know thanks to Nick.

THEY MAKE LOVE???????????!!!!!!!

OK, who saw that one coming????? Everyone? Ok, ya, exactly.


So two adults spent some adult time in the fantasy suite and Andi isn’t a slut for it because she’s an adult who makes her own decisions, so we can cut out the whole slut-shaming argument because that’s irrelevant at this point.

Nick, however, was less-than-pleased with Andi’s decision.


And he decided to call her out for it.

Here’s the clip.

OK, so yeah, he didn’t have to make that statement on live television and Andi thinks it was hitting below the belt. Literally????????? I don’t know.

But then the really good exchange happens when Nick says he didn’t mean to hit below the belt (still so many jokes here) and Andi said he already did and Nick says well that’s how she made him feel.

Which I actually kind of agree with Nick on this part. And I don’t like agreeing with men over women, but sometimes you just need to agree with Nick and here’s why.

I don’t think Nick planned on dropping that bombshell before sitting on the couch. I genuinely do think Andi’s cold presence angered him, so he decided to say that.

Andi is cold. She was cold when she broke up with him and she was cold during the ATFR. I don’t think she cares about Nick and is happy to break his heart. Really she makes a great Bachelorette because it’s best just to keep all real emotions out of it.

But this all reminds me of when someone breaks up with you (obviously not me, who would ever break up with me, I’m too pretty and perfect for that) and then they call a couple of weeks later to see if you’re all right. It’s like, no, you weren’t concerned with that when you were breaking up with me, so please don’t let it weigh on you now.

It’s the same thing here. Andi felt like Nick hit below the belt, but sleeping with him and then breaking up with him wasn’t doing the same thing??????? There’s a reason sex isn’t supposed to be casual and Andi abused it, in my humble/honest opinion. Also I know the fantasy suite was private, but this show isn’t and that’s what we signed up for. I want to know all the dirty secrets. It made great television and who cares about a reputation or feelings at that point. Right??????

I know I’m 37 years late and we’ve all moved on from this, but I just needed my words to be in the blogosphere. Also, Arie better become the next Bachelor over Chris or else I won’t watch.*

*And by I won’t watch, I mean I’ll watch every second of it and tweet about it.

I love y’all even though Andi doesn’t love Nick because she’s a cold-hearted witch.


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