James Franco creeps me out.

Apparently while he was filming Spring Breakers, he stayed in character the entire time — meaning even while he wasn’t reciting lines.



It’s weird because he played a wannabe rapper slash drug dealer. He had braces and braids. That movie was weird. His character was weird.


James Franco is like that TA you stare at from in a distance in class because he’s somewhat attractive.


I’m comparing him to a TA because he has his master’s in poetry. But when you see outside of the classroom in a bar drinking something out of a straw, it’s all of a sudden really weird. When your friends finally convince you to go and talk to him, he’s awkward and just wants to talk about getting stoned. He’s not funny and uses really big words and tries to act like he’s 10 years older than you when he’s really your age. You end up just walking away from the situation because he just gives you the creeps and makes you feel uncomfortable.

And speaking of creepy, remember when he hit on a 17-year-old girl via Instagram? It was obviously so fake and just a way to gain media attention for his upcoming movie, but the fact that he tried tricking people into thinking it was real is so bizarre and awkward.


And then if it wasn’t fake, we now think you have to go to Instagram and hit on underage fans to get laid? This get weirder and weirder.

AND THEN. AND THEN if only it gets worse. When LiLo’s sex list leaked, James Franco was on the list because really why wouldn’t he be? But apparently this lie upset him so much, he felt the need to go to every media outlet and tell everyone he didn’t sleep with LiLo. I honestly don’t know who to believe in this case, but we get it, James. You’d rather sleep with an underage girl vacationing in New York with her mother than a washed-up movie star.

And back to poetry, he would totally be that poetry TA who would wear scarves and drink spiked coffee during class. I would obviously be attracted to him because he’s hipster, but then I would instantly be annoyed with him because he would require the class to buy his poetry book and study his poems. Our assignments would be centered around trying to guess what the underlying theme in each line meant. No one will ever be right, though because poets are mysterious and you never truly know what their words mean.

Point is: James Franco creeps me the eff out.



2 thoughts on “James Franco creeps me out.

  1. I’m very physically attracted to him (OBVS) but I do worry that if I’d need to be wildly intoxicated to seal the deal if ya catch my Tokyo drift. It would also work if he pleasantly surprised me with some super manly take charge attitude every once in awhile.

    So basically what I’m saying here is that if he’d play a super manly cocky character in a movie that’d be my prime time to hook up with him. I look like I’m 17, which would work to my advantage. Except I’m married. Which LEZBEHONEST would probs work to my advantage also.

    This was a really long comment where I talked about the multiple scenarios in which I’d have sex with James Franco. I’m going to stop now.

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