You’re the Worst: When Jimmy met Gretchen

youre-the-worst (1)

FX continues to expand the boundaries of cable television in its new original series “You’re the Worst.”

This show is pretty weird. The new series presents a healthy mix of whatever the opposite of romantic comedy would be and a Laguna Beach-themed reality series.

We first meet Jimmy, one of our main characters, at a wedding where he promptly starts an argument with the bride during her ceremony. The Englishman expresses little compassion during the belittlement.

Dude, it’s HER wedding. Chill out.

spoiler alert

He doesn’t chill out.

The groomsmen eagerly escort Jimmy from the ceremony.

There she was, standing outside with one of the gifts from the wedding that she thought was a food processor. She needed a food processor. Why — who knows?

Jimmy meets Gretchen.

The two agree on a cab to Jimmy’s house.

They share the most terrible experiences about each other under the intention they were only meeting for one night.

Jimmy wakes in the morning to his friend Edgar cooking breakfast for the house.

Edgar is a middle-aged war veteran/heroin addict suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder that Jimmy lets live in his house because he was his former drug dealer.

I told you this show was weird, did I not?

Gretchen meets Edgar and they talk about Jimmy’s book. Edgar offers his copy to Gretchen and Jimmy demands Gretchen purchase her own. Jimmy lives in a mansion overlooking the mountains of Los Angeles. He doesn’t chill out.

Jimmy and Gretchen argue privately about the duration of Gretchen’s stay. In a rage, she takes Jimmy’s car keys and heads to a photo shoot for a client she represents.

Gretchen is a publicist for a PR firm handling some of the more eclectic clients in Los Angeles (aka everyone). Her facial parts are nice, also.

She arrives at the shoot only to discover her client has destroyed the set and the photographer is livid. The client is like Tyler, the Creator. He’s weird. He fits in here.

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Edgar are arguing about the significance of Gretchen staying overnight. Arguments and Jimmy, in this show, are biscuits and tea.

Unfortunately for Jimmy, Edgar has United States army training and although Jimmy is the taller of the two — Edgar easily puts Jimmy in a full Nelson on the couch.

Jimmy does not admit he has developed feelings for Gretchen. It was only one night after all. But he does not cast them aside either.

Gretchen is able to convince her client to apologize for his wrongdoings — in return — he demands Gretchen secure narcotics for him because celebrities don’t score their own blow.

Jimmy meets his neighbor — a pre-teenage boy from across the street who is eager to have some young, male influence in his life.

Instead of recognizing the huge leap of confidence it took for this boy to approach someone he didn’t know, Jimmy scolds our new character with many reasons as to why he — an adult — cannot fraternize with children.

The boy shares with Jimmy that his dad is a video-game developer and that is why they live in such a nice neighborhood. Jimmy reconsiders his social responsibilities and invites the kid over.

Gretchen returns to what can only be assumed to be her former love accomplice after her argument with Jimmy, partially seeking acceptance and partially seeking cocaine.

This guy also owns a mansion on the hill of a mountain overlooking some extraordinary view of California.

Gretchen is out of my price range ☹.

She attempts to share more terrible secrets with this love interest, however, he is much older and more mature. He doesn’t have any interest in the one time Gretchen burned her school to the ground to avoid a math quiz.

However, Jimmy snickers at the story when she shares it with him. The reaction made her feel better and a connection was made although that was never the intent.

I’m scared that next week we’re going to find out more about Edgar. I don’t know if I’m mentally prepared for it.


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