I’m doing whatever Kim Kardashian tells me to do and I’m scared

This Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game doe.


It’s honestly like I’m playing Barbies all over again and I’m not upset about it.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then I find it strange you’re reading this blog in the first place.

But, anyway. Kim made an app. It’s a game. 

And because I will do anything to become famous, including play a game where I have to complete certain tasks to obtain things to become video game-famous, I downloaded this game. You should too if you have free time and no dignity like me.

Basically, you create an avatar of yourself and try to rise to fame with Kim’s help of course.


That’s me posing for a camera because what else would I be doing in cartoon form?



I guess I’m just wondering if this game is driven by the government and they’re spying on me.

Because it knows I like feminine-looking men and bartenders in beanies.

this is my life. minus the kim kardashian part.

this is my life. minus the kim kardashian part.

AND THEN, to make matters worse, the feminine man’s ex-girlfriend hates me. Like ok???????? Have you been reading my diary or something, game????


The ex-girlfriend tweeted mean things about me. TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME, sista.

To become more famous and for TMZ to notice me, Kim sets me up on a date and I’m really grateful for her generosity and ability to set people up. Of course she sets me up with a writer. And of course I don’t have enough energy to flirt with him.


Because flirting is hard sometimes and flirting with a fellow writer is just as hard because their vocabulary is large and sometimes you can’t keep up.

I guess the worst part of this entire game is that it actually accesses your Twitter account and tweets for you and follows avatars for you. So that’s not embarrassing or anything.

I’m grateful I’m a E-list celebrity, but I’m just wondering at what level I need to reach to meet Scott Disick.


Like, I’ve been a good girl and done everything Kim has told me to do, including hiring a publicist instead of just handling that ex-girlfriend myself.

I also refuse to actually buy more gold stars with real money because Kim Kardashian does not need anymore money. What she needs is a husband who smiles and money won’t fix that.


Love y’all. Friend me on this game so we can get into Hollywood trouble together.



2 thoughts on “I’m doing whatever Kim Kardashian tells me to do and I’m scared

  1. IM DYING. LIKE REALLY IM DYING. I was scrolling through and reading and thinking “GOD I hope she says something about Scott.” and BAM. There he was. Thanks for that.

    Those avatars are really top notch because her boob to ass proportions are absolutely perfect, as in real life. My avatar would be frumpy and flat chested. And that’s upsetting.

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