Obnoxious Introvert

Scrolling my Twitter feed while I should have been doing something else, I came across this article. And WOW. wow. WOW.


I’m an introvert. I always have been. My preschool teacher used to tell my parents that I sat in the corner of the classroom and just watched the other kids play.


Once in college, a friend made the same observation.

“Paige, it’s kind of creepy how you just stand in the corner at parties and watch everyone else.”

I watch people. I sit along the outer walls of rooms and take everything in.

My parents will tell you that as soon as I come home, I lock myself in my room and don’t come out for a couple of hours. Then I’m ready to talk.


My roommates will tell you that watching TV in the living room with them is something you have to ask me to do. I don’t just do it.

But I’m also obnoxious.

Like Paige-can-you-chill obnoxious.

People usually have a hard time believing me that I’m introverted because I’m outgoing and annoying.

Well, this Thought Catalog article pretty much sums up my entire existence.

When I do finally choose to party and I actually want to be there, I do often times dance on tables. I karaoke. I play games. I talk to strangers. I’m also sober when doing all of this.


But the next day, I don’t want to see or talk to anyone.


And dates. OMG. I can fool myself and him into thinking I’m having the best time of my life. I can talk and flirt with a wall.


But as soon as he texts me, I want to vomit out of disgust. I don’t want to speak to him for a week and then I have to replay the entire thing in my head to figure out if I really had a good time or if I’m just a really good actress.


And for the mysteriousness part? I don’t know about all that. I have been told I’m hard to read, but it’s not necessarily on purpose.


So many words, but just one thought. I am this article. This article is me. I’m so glad someone else wrote it without pay before I did…



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