One winter break, Emily Stines and I went to the dollar theater every single night to see Footloose. I think we saw it a total of nine times.

And then one weekend in Lubbock, we watched it twice in 24 hours.

And right now I’m watching it for a second time in one night.


So, yeah. I like it and kind of think it’s the best thing around.


I bought the DVD the day of its release.

I learned the moves to the line dance scene.


I can recite the scene where Aerial’s dad slaps her.

So, yeah. I like it.

People who try to fill my ears with lies like the original one is better are just haters. They’re the same people who claim the Hayley Mills Parent Trap was better. They’re also idiots.

First of all, Kevin Bacon versus Kenny Wormald is no match. IS THIS EVEN A DISCUSSION??


Side note- does anyone remember Kenny from that MTV show Dancelife???? Remember when he was dating a Pussycat Doll???? No, of course not. Because no one watches as much TV as I do.

Kenny is cute and a way better dancer. His angry dance scene is SO MUCH BETTER than Kevin Bacon would ever be.

I can hear y’all shouting right now. Calm down.


Also, Julianne Hough actually dances in this movie. Except she claims she didn’t dance to her full potential to better portray a high school girl and I’m like ok.


And let’s talk about how she has some serious boy issues. She gets beat up by one, then her father hits her, and then she goes and kisses another boy. All within the day. Yeah, Aerial isn’t the smartest, but dancing!!!!

yes u have

yes u have

Footloose is great because I like movies with no plot. I don’t like to think when I’m watching a movie. This movie is literally about not being allowed to dance and then they find their way and they dance!!


Cue the LET’S DANCE!!!

But that’s not only the great line. Other highlights include:

“You think I’m a slut or something?”

“Let’s go get the guy who blackened my eye because we don’t hit girls in Bomont, do we, daddy?”

“It’s country line dancing. It’s a white man’s wet dream.”

“Well, Daddy, man born of woman is of few days and full of trouble. Job 14:1. You know, from the Bible?”

“That turn you on? Girls acting like hussies?”

“It don’t suck.”

When Kenny and Julianne went around promoting this movie, they danced on Dancing With The Stars. It was the best dance performance I’ve ever seen.

Those jumps.

Those turns.

That costume change.

Everything is so great.


Since Footloose, Julianne and Kenny have tried to prove themselves as serious actors and I’m like ok. Please just keep dancing and acting alongside Dennis Quaid.


3 thoughts on “Footloose!

  1. whyyyy are we the saaaame! i f-word LOVE the new footloose. i may or may not have youtube searched the tutorial to the line dance a year ago as well. oops. kevin bacon can suck it.

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