7 FOR SURE signs he likes you

Have you ever seen “He’s Just Not That Into You?” Did it hit close to home? Was it a hard pill to swallow? Have I used enough clichés to make you hate me?

My father once told me something very useful (among other things). Guys have three emotions: hungry, sleepy and horny.

That’s it.


Anytime a guy tries to display any other kind of emotion, I assume he’s acting and is just trying to stay awake long enough to hold a conversation with me.

Is this true? Discuss in the comments.

So in honor of all the CRAP y’all post on Facebook (and because I’m a man expert), I thought I would share the 7 true signs you know he likes you.

  1. He wishes you a happy birthday.

Yes, there’s a chance he saw it on Facebook, but there’s also a chance he had it written down in his planner and let’s just go with the latter. And he wants to celebrate with you! By buying you a shot and getting you extra hammered.

  1. He laughs at your jokes.

When you made that off-the-wall, somewhat inappropriate joke, he laughed when no one else did. It could have been because he’s uncomfortable with awkward chirping sounds, but love is about laughing when no one else is.


  1. He looks at you from across the room.

He could look ANYWHERE and yet he chose YOUR FACE. Don’t worry about the buffet bar behind you.

  1. He comes over to your place and plays with your dog the entire time.

Not only does he totally adore you, but he also adores your furry little mini monster. He even wants to spend hours outdoors in the heat away from you just to gain that one-on-one bonding with your doggie.

  1. He noticed you cut 11 inches off your hair.

Eleven inches may be hard for other guys to notice, but not this special one. As soon as you walked into the room, his jaw dropped and you know it’s because you look flawless. Long bobs are totally in.


  1. He takes you to see Transformers 4 on a Wednesday afternoon.

While other guys are taking their gal out during the weekend, he knows you prefer to prop your feet up on the seat in front of y’all. And who needs long lines? Seeing a movie on a Wednesday afternoon, means the popcorn bucket is full and theaters are empty. If no one is there to see a date, then did it even happen?

  1. He texts instead of calls.

He’s a devoted and busy man! He wants to stay focused on his other activities, so he can only text. And you totally love this in a man, so heart emojies are the only way to go.


Is there anything I missed?????? Let me know.


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