23 is the sexy age

I hated typing that headline as much as you hated reading it, don’t worry.

Taylor Swift taught us 22 was confusing and exhilarating at the same time. It was mainly innocent as we jumped on trampolines and wore cat ears.



Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 9.20.35 PM

And then BAM, Miley comes along and changes the game for 23.


Someone posted this video on my wall the day of my 23rd birthday and I’ve never been so disgusted.

Ok, this song isn’t really about being 23, but she’s twerking around and acting all sexy like with what I suppose is some kind of sexy Michael Jordan Halloween costume. (I had to google that to make sure it was right.)

Actually, I don’t know. Do guys think Miley is hot? Has a male made it this far into the post? Discuss in the comments.

Men all over Hollywood are dating 23-year-olds. 23-year-olds are also running the world (Don’t be scared).

Post-gradness is scary, but just take my hand and jump with me. (This line is not from a movie, but from Paige’s real romantic life in which a male tried to convince her to date him. She said no.)

This is our time.



Chris Pine is dating a 23-year-old.



My face when I see her mainly because I'm jealous.

My face when I see her mainly because I’m jealous.


Jennifer Lawrence is 23 and she’s far from a grown up, which means maturity is an option for us, too.





Leo DiCaprio’s girlfriend is 23….. WAIT. WHAT, SHE’S 21?!?!?!


ok, that’s not normal.


Monica Lewinsky was 23 when she had her infamous presidential affair. I’m not saying go out and have an affair, but so far that’s been the peak of her life, soooooo…




Rita Ora is 23 and I’m not completely sure who she is, but she’s pretty?



Ryan Phillippe is dating a 23-year-old law student. Wow, rest in peace, Reese and Ryan circa Cruel Intentions



Jessica Simpson turned 23 during her first year of marriage with Nick Lachey and sometimes I still watch the Newlyweds and cry over how simple everything was back in the day when two C-star pop stars were madly in love and Jessica made ponchos cool.



Margot Robbie from Wolf on Wall Street is 23.




Have I made my point? As far as guys: Ed Sheeran, Liam Hemsworth, and others are 23. Ok?????


3 thoughts on “23 is the sexy age

  1. Well. Yes, it’s true. 23 is sexy. Unfortunately, no one thought that while I was 23. I’m assuming it had nothing to do with me.

    I own every season of Newlyweds (which is really that big of a deal, because there were only three…) and watch all the time. When Jessica comes up with the $1400 sheets and Nick is PISSED? Those were the best of times.

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